Finding Faith and Strength in God: Battling Anxiety, Depression and Self-Doubt

You might think I have my life together due to the prolific amount of humorous and inspirational content I post here on IG and this website.

That’s one of the side-effects of social media. It causes people to think the creators of their favorite accounts somehow discovered the secret to dealing with life’s curveballs (and sinkers, fastballs, and knuckleballs) thrown our way.

But I have struggled and continue to this day to deal with anxiety and depression.

Some months it is on a daily basis.

This has been a rough week for me.

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It’s been stressful at my retail job (thankfully, there’s relief on the horizon with less hours next month), it’s a busy time with parenting four children and juggling all the responsibilities that goes with it, and I’m struggling with imposter syndrome when it comes to my writing.

Anxiety disorder is something I’ve found I have to slay and tackle daily.

There is no permanent remedy save for total and complete abandonment to God’s Providence.

Daily prayer is a must in the battle against angst. 🙏

But it must be a conscious focus each and every single day.

These shields help my battle too:

  • Counseling
  • Music
  • Anxiety medicine
  • Humor (The Office has helped me an incalculacable amount of days)
  • Blessed Virgin Mary and the saints to help me find peace of mind and discover the joy of the Gospel

If I ever got a tattoo it would be the Teresa of Avila prayer. Daily I ask for her intercession, and I etch God’s promises on my heart every time I recite this prayer.

Let nothing disturb you.

Let nothing frighten you.

All things are passing away: God never changes.

Patience obtains all things Whoever has God lacks nothing.

God alone suffices.

God wants you to find comfort and peace in this life. Never be afraid to seek help or to admit you don’t have your life together: no one else does, it’s part of being human.

Thank you for sharing!
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One thought on “Finding Faith and Strength in God: Battling Anxiety, Depression and Self-Doubt

  1. Hi- I’m a new follower and this post gave me the courage to write a comment. I’m in my 60’s- been a “believer” for over 40 years and the past couple of years I’ve become ( converted) to Anglo-Catholicism. At first just Anglicanism but I realized I wanted more. I struggled with imposter syndrome as a believer. When I looked out at the others in the church everyone seemed more holy, more faithful, more sincere… I felt like a fraud because I too struggled with anxiety and depression. I thought … gee, I just don’t have enough faith!
    But after entering the gates of Catholicism I’ve found a loving Catholic family who are all willing to guide the likes of me… and help me..
    It helps tremendously to hear of others struggles! We all struggle. Hiding the struggle helps no one. Thank you for sharing your experience. It helps.

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