💡Seek to be among the best, but you don’t have to be the best!

This mindset was something I found quite foreign & counter-intuitive.

That is until I stopping focusing on the short-term.

Being among the top in your respective fields has the following benefits:


Simon Simek speaks of the infinite vs. the finite game.

The finite game centers on winning the game itself while the infinite games involves staying around to continue playing.

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Steel sharpens steel. Find individuals who are better than you. Learn from them. Let them challenge you. Challenge you to grow your strengths (and weaknesses).

When you focus on being among the best you will always be successful, just not necessarily the top in you field.

Removes harmful pressures

Pressure is good to an extant. If you focus on ONLY being the best, when you end up in second place 🥈 you will only see the negative.

“I did not win” the pessimist says.

“I ran the race well and finished among the best!” is what the optimist says.

Is it better to finish #1 once in a while, but perform mediocrely the other times


Consistently be in the top 10% year in & year out even if you never finish first?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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Thank you for sharing!
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