Why You Should Have a Purpose in 2020

2020 vision or hindsight is 2020?!

🌐 Start with your “why” and keep the end in mind to know the start.

🌐 I officially started my career as a freelance writer in the middle of 2019.

🌐 That journey already has included peaks, valleys, and plateaus.

❓Why do I write? Why deal with the anxiety of entrepreneurship? The loneliness? The stress?

2020 Vision

One word—PROCESS

Everything we do in life is a process or a journey. It takes time, patience, understanding, willingness, collaboration, humility, and gratitude.

🖋Writing has been my passion forever and I am made a better person—a more patient parent, an empathetic employee, and forgiving friend—the more I write and share with the world.

Our world is impatient, angry, assuming, unforgiving, and divided. I imagine a world where more people know how to #communicate with both TRUTH and CHARITY.

💫I believe it is my purpose in life to provide content that provides real unity that goes beyond the screen of our phones.

As a Catholic, my Church has been scandalous and lost the trust of the world and many of her members.

🙏I am here to help earn that trust back—not for any personal gain, but because I need to share my gift as a means to thank God for every blessing in my life!

❓What word would capture your goals for 2020?

Catholicism 2020 vision

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The Sacrifice of a True Hero

🌪🔥💥A crisis is defined as a time of intense difficulty, trouble, or danger.

🌍🌏The CW’s crossover is tribute to the 1985 storyline Crisis on Infinite Earths.

☄️Arguably the most unforgettable and epic comics event in history, Crisis wiped out all of creation.

💫In order to save everyone and everything Barry Allen, the Paragon of Love, sacrificed himself for the greater good!

⚡️It is acts such as this that make The Flash my favorite superhero in all of comics.

This article examines the heroism and sacrifice of a true hero.


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💡Seek to be among the best, but you don’t have to be the best!

This mindset was something I used to find strange and counterproductive.

But I stopped looking on the short-term.

Being among the top in your respective fields has the following benefits:

✅ Consistency

Simon Simek speaks of the infinite vs. the finite game.

The finite game centers on winning the game itself while the infinite games involves staying around to continue playing.

Steel sharpens steel.

Find individuals who are better than you. Learn from them. Let them challenge you.

Challenge you to grow your strengths (and weaknesses).

When you focus on being among the best you will always be successful, just not necessarily the top in you field.

✅ Removes harmful pressures

If you focus on ONLY being the best, when you end up in second place 🥈 you will only see the negative.

“I didn’t win” the pessimist says.

“I ran the race well and finished among the best!” is what the optimist says.

Is it better to finish number one once in a while, but perform mediocrely the other times


Consistently be in the top 10% year in & year out even if you never finish first?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

#Consistency #Excellence #Success #Competition

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Who is Jesus?  A Brief Look at the Incarnation

By: William Hemsworth

In sacred scripture, we read that man was created he had a perfect relationship with God.  Man is the pinnacle of creation. God gave man everything.

In return the Lord asked man not to each of one tree in the garden. Man did not listen, rebelled, and had to face the consequences of sin for the first time. 

The sin of our first parents also applies to us.  We all have sinned, and the penalty for that sin is death.  Saint Paul had the same opinion in Romans 6:23 which states, “For the wages of sin is death, but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord”.  However, the second person of the blessed Trinity, Jesus himself became incarnate to atone and redeem us from our sin.

Incarnation—Bridge from us to God

The Incarnation was needed because we could not atone for our sin on our own.  Only someone who was perfect, and without sin could do that.  As I write this it is the final days of Advent.  

The time of preparation for the birth of Christ is soon coming to an end.  Soon we will be celebrating his glorious birth.  The second person of the Trinity loving us so much that He became man.  He lived as we did with hunger, fear, betrayal, and even death.  

Cross as the New Tree of Life

Hebrews 4:15 sums this idea up perfectly when the inspired author writes, “For we do not have a high priest who is unable to sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has similarly been tested in every way, yet without sin.”  

This far we have seen that Jesus can sympathize with our weaknesses, but this doesn’t completely answer who he is.  Who He is the ultimate gift that we experience this time of year.  

Identity of Jesus

So who is Jesus?  This question goes back to some of the greatest controversies in the early church.  

There were some, such as the Arians, who tried to explain Jesus as being the first thing created.  The problem here is that Jesus, as the second person of the Blessed Trinity, has always existed.  There are many verses that show this and John 1:1 is one example.  That passage of scripture states, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

He always was, yet he took the form of a man, and was born in the humblest of conditions.  In our society we have been conditioned to view the manger scene in a very sanitized way.  That manger that the divine Son of God was laid in after his birth was a food trough used for livestock!  

The creator of the universe became a man because he wants us to live.  His love for us is that immense.  In the letter to the Philippians St. Paul writes, “Rather, he emptied himself, taking the form of a slave, coming in human likeness and found human in appearance he humbled himself, becoming obedient to death, even death on a cross” (Philippians 2:7-8).

Fully Man and Fully God

While on Earth he did not appear as a man, nor was He a spirit that possessed man until the point of the crucifixion as the Docetists and Gnostics would say.  From the time of His conception in the womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary he was both fully God and fully man.  This was stated by many church fathers, declared at the Council of Nicea, and at the Council of Chalcedon this became known as the Hypostatic Union.  Jesus was not either or, but He has BOTH a human nature AND a divine nature.  

That is why the Incarnation is so amazing, and to be perfectly honest this barely scratches the surface.  As you gather with your families over the next few weeks and exchange gifts and hugs may we remember the ultimate gift.  That ultimate gift is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ.  The second person of the Blessed Trinity, who became man, and experienced everything that we did but was without sin.  He died as the perfect offering for our sin because He loves us that much and he thinks that we are worth being with for eternity!

About our guest blogger:

William is a convert to the Catholic faith.  Before entering the church he was ordained as a Baptist and Lutheran and earned a Master of Divinity from Liberty Theological Seminary.  William lives with his wife and four children in Tucson, AZ and teaches religious education for children and adults.  Check out his website/blog at williamhemsworth.com for more great and informative Catholic content!

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Muffin Miscreant Finally Apprehended—Muffingate Update!

🌐There has been plenty of news coverage on the Impeachment story it’s time to pivot with an update on a less controversial, but no less important event.

This is a continuation of the story dubbed “Muffingate”—a level 7 shenanigan event!


📍Chicoineville’s police 🚔 department apprehended the prime suspect—Miss Avila Catherine Geraldine, also know as ACGC by members of her clan.

📍She is currently housed in a cell “the crib” to await trial that is scheduled after the new year.

📍 Bail is currently set at 30 minutes of quiet and 2 consecutive nights of complete sleep 💤 .

📍 Stay with PRNT TV 📺 to receive full coverage on this new scandal “sweeping” across this small town.

📍Text “antics” to 55555 to get text updates and exclusive interviews with the sheriff, eyewitnesses, and first-responders.

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New Evidence in the Muffingate Case

🔰Add value by providing humorous or entertaining content!

This is a continuation of the story dubbed “Muffingate”—a level 7 shenanigan event!


📍Detective Daddy acquired more evidence in the so-called Muffingate incident that shook Chicoineville last November.

📍After getting a search warrant to sweep the suspect’s living quarters, muffin crumbs were found on the inside of her onesie.

📍Forensic tests proved the crumbs came from a blueberry muffin—the same flavor same the crime scene!

📍Prosecution is pushing for a trial soon.

📍Unfortunately, the suspect—nearly a year old now has acquired a new mode of transportation and making capture tougher for the already tired police force!

📍 Stay with PRNT TV 📺 to receive full coverage on this new scandal “sweeping” across this small town.

📍Text “antics” to 55555 to get text updates and exclusive interviews with the sheriff, eyewitnesses, and first-responders.

📍This has been I.M. Shocked with PRNT News reporting. Thank you for watching (reading)!



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