I Just Got Quoted in an Article on a major Catholic news website!

I was quoted for an article on a major Catholic news website—Zenit.org

“Our society definitely is hungry for truth. This would provide so much value and help foster professional development for Catholics.”

Jennifer Nolan, Ph.D is co-founder and president of Catholic Polytechnic— a university dedicated fostering the gospel through technology and engineering.

She conducted a LinkedIn survey early this year about her school and selected my comment to be included in an interview for Zenit.org (a premiere Catholic news website).

Jennifer’s interview was postponed many months due to the Covid-19 pandemic but she kept me in the loop consistently about the publication of the article.

Her knowledge and kindness are a model for everyone on LinkedIn to follow.

🙏 Thank you Jennifer for selecting my quote for your interview!

Check out the entire interview by visiting Zenit.org

Thank you for sharing!