Catholic Meme Monday— Issue 80

Hope you had a blessed Seventh Sunday of Easter (or Feast of the Ascension)!

Time for another mega-sized Catholic Meme Monday. ✝️🙏

Meme inspired by the Feast of Saint Rita plus me rewatching the OG Power Rangers show and
introducing it to my kids.
A funny meme even though it’s not the most theologically accurate.
We have Jesus— the Bread of Life.
This resonates with me as an introvert. 🙂😆🙏
Accurate. God’s mercy is awesome!
Sunlight ☀️= Good
Sonlight ✝️ = Better
Both = Best
A sign from above. 😆 🍽️ 🙏
A belated Ascension meme. 🙂😆
Too funny not to share! 😆😆😆
Saint Matthias’ feast landed on a Sunday this year. Still gotta show him respect. 🙂👍
One of my favorite analogies to describe the importance of Mary in leading us to Christ. 🙏
A Roarin’ Ark Review. 😆 🦁
Meme inspired by my love of the Gospel and Tolkien.
🌳 👨 👀 🙏
healingofthenblindman #jesussaves #tolkien #ents #visioncheck
Looks pretty accurate. 🙂😆🤦🪽🙏
Meme I made inspired by my love of Saint Michael and the CW show Arrow.
🏹 🪽
Jesus I trust in You! 🙏

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