Some Autumnal Afterthoughts: A Poem

Here’s a poem I wrote in reflection of seeing the beautiful colors on a tree I saw this morning. I’m trying to be more intentional in finding joy in life. I ended up turning around to get a better photo of the amazing fall colors on these trees.
Autumn Trees
Hope you enjoy!
Some Autumnal Afterthoughts
๐Ÿ Beauty is often found in the ordinary.
Yet, it’s not always expected.
๐Ÿ Sometimes you find it by happenchance.
Serendipity. Fate. Perhaps Divine Providence.
๐Ÿ The constant is it’s all around.
Through sight, smell or sound.
๐Ÿ In thought or sharing laughter.
No matter the weatherโ€” winter, summer or fall.
๐Ÿ You will find beauty in all
When you seek beauty you will be free,
๐ŸTo see it in everything, even in something as simple as this tree.
And though the world changes: friendships, ages, even a shift in chlorophyll
๐Ÿ When you are open to beauty and be still
Wonderment begins to color your eyes
๐Ÿ And see life as it is meant to beโ€” free from it’s guise.
ยฉ 2022 Matthew Chicoine
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