Essence, Goals, Dreams…

My name is Matthew. I love God. I love the Catholic Church. I love my family. I love writing and learning new things in any subject. I love games and sports. And I love Theology. The purpose of this blog is for me to help promote the Catholic faith through writing and blithely recalling my personal experiences and family life as it pertains to living a Catholic way of life. I want to reach Catholics in the periphery [as Pope Francis once put it]. I want to show people that living on this planet is a blessing. In fact, I am calling my blog “Prayer, Recreation, and Organization: A Simple Catholic Man’s Pursuit of a Joyous Life!”

To wrap up this first post, I want to bring people closer to the Catholic faith by showing that to truly be alive is to see God in everything…especially the little stuff and moments. I hope this piques your interest and I would greatly welcome your support in following my initial journey into the blogosphere!  

Hope you have a Marvelous Monday!  

Thank you for sharing!
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