A Third Thankful Thursday!

Thanksgiving is the best weapon against sadness and restlessness of heart and mind. When I fill my day with a gracious mindset and take joy in the simple blessings, any struggles I encounter can be faced with ease and resolve. I started a simple practice before beginning the workday—creating a list of five people/things that I am grateful for to be in my life!

Today, I wish to share more publicly my attitude of gratitude to give praise to God for all the blessings he provides me. Another reason for writing on this topic is to share with you my readers that thanking others for gifts [large, small and in-between] brings joy to other and yourself as well!

Earlier this week a college buddy of mine reached out to me about a content writing opportunity for a Catholic radio website that he is redesigning. This unexpected [yet welcome] surprise is something I am quite thankful for. Theology and writing are two main passions. With this new opportunity on the horizon I am able to better reach others to evangelize the Good News of the Gospel.

Along with this promising breakthrough in my writing career, I am indebted to God for the blessings of my wife, children, friends, and parish priests. Good and honest people are more priceless than gold or diamonds. I am indeed a rich man for having strong friendships and holy priests who make themselves available to administer the sacraments to heal and strengthen me throughout my pilgrim pursuit of a holy life.

Finally, I wish to close this post with an appreciation for you—my readers, my faithful audience—I am thankful for your support in reading, sharing, or pondering my writings whether that be only once, a few times, or from the beginning of The Simple Catholic Blog. Thank you, thank you, and thank you!

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