Salute and Appreciation to All Veterans!

Thank you to all veterans who served in any and all capacities to help keep the rest of the United States safe. I appreciate all that you have sacrificed so that I may enjoy the various freedoms of speech, association, and religion to name a few.

On behalf of the rest of the citizens of the United States, thank you again for your service and your family’s sacrifices as well. May God keep you safe and reward you generously! Saint Martin—patron saint of Soldier pray for us.

Dear well-beloved Saint,

you were first a soldier like your father.

Converted to the Church,

Socks Religious

you became a soldier of Christ,

a priest and then a Bishop of Tours.

Lover of the poor,

and model for pagans and Christians alike,

protect our soldiers at all times.

Make them strong, just, and charitable,

always aiming at establishing peace on earth.

Thank you for sharing!
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