New Evidence in the Muffingate Case

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This is a continuation of the story dubbed “Muffingate”—a level 7 shenanigan event!


📍Detective Daddy acquired more evidence in the so-called Muffingate incident that shook Chicoineville last November.

📍After getting a search warrant to sweep the suspect’s living quarters, muffin crumbs were found on the inside of her onesie.

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📍Forensic tests proved the crumbs came from a blueberry muffin—the same flavor same the crime scene!

📍Prosecution is pushing for a trial soon.

📍Unfortunately, the suspect—nearly a year old now has acquired a new mode of transportation and making capture tougher for the already tired police force!

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📍This has been I.M. Shocked with PRNT News reporting. Thank you for watching (reading)!



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5 thoughts on “New Evidence in the Muffingate Case

  1. I laughed out loud too! I have a question; how does one read rights to someone in a onesie? “You have the right to remain silent; but should you use
    One of the three words you know, they may be used in a court of law. If we can understand them.”

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