Muffin Miscreant Finally Apprehended—Muffingate Update!

🌐There has been plenty of news coverage on the Impeachment story it’s time to pivot with an update on a less controversial, but no less important event.

This is a continuation of the story dubbed “Muffingate”—a level 7 shenanigan event!


📍Chicoineville’s police 🚔 department apprehended the prime suspect—Miss Avila Catherine Geraldine, also know as ACGC by members of her clan.

📍She is currently housed in a cell “the crib” to await trial that is scheduled after the new year.

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📍 Bail is currently set at 30 minutes of quiet and 2 consecutive nights of complete sleep 💤 .

📍 Stay with PRNT TV 📺 to receive full coverage on this new scandal “sweeping” across this small town.

📍Text “antics” to 55555 to get text updates and exclusive interviews with the sheriff, eyewitnesses, and first-responders.

📍This has been I.M. Shocked with PRNT News reporting. Thank you for watching (reading)!



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