Laugh Out Loud: AI Brings Humor to the Gospel

🤖 I had ChatGPT rewrite one of my blog posts with the twist making it more humorous.

Found it funny it added a Spider-Man reference (one of my favorite superheroes).😆

AI Writes about the Gospel

“Here’s an imagined conversation between Our Lord Jesus and the Blessed Virgin Mary shortly after Peter’s Confession in Matthew 16:13-20.

Mary: Good Evening, Son. How did your preaching go today? Did those Pharisees change their attitude about you yet?

Jesus: Nope, still not a fan club. I asked the apostles who they thought I was, and they threw out some common guesses – Elijah, John the Baptist, a new prophet.

But then Simon, that bold and ambitious fisherman, came through with the right answer.

Mary: Ah, Simon Peter, always the show-off.

Jesus: Yeah, but I was feeling generous, so I changed his name to “Rock” and gave him some authority. Hopefully, it won’t go to his head.

Mary: Well, you know what they say—with great power comes great responsibility.

Jesus: Yeah, but sometimes it also comes with great rashness. Peter got a little too overprotective of me when I told them I had to suffer and die. I had to call him out on it.

Mary: Ah, the joys of discipleship.

Jesus: Yeah, it’s never a dull moment. But I’m glad you’re here to help. Can we start a fire and cook up some fish for dinner?

Mary: Sure thing. You know what they say – you catch ’em, I cook ’em.

Jesus: (laughs) You’re the best, Mom.”

Questions for Reflection:

What’s the funniest thing you seen AI write?

What’s the funniest thing you have read by a person named Al (short for Alan)?

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Thank you for sharing!