Digital Desert

Great tips for limiting Internet and screen time. This Lent I need to work on relationship with God and others.

Musings in Catholic Land

We are into the third week of Lent and it’s time to evaluate our Lenten observances. It’s not uncommon to have failed after having resolutely and faithfully followed our Lenten practices for the first few days. So what should I do?

Easy – make an examination of conscience and start over. The first step is to ask yourself why you aren’t able to stick to the plan. What are the obstacles that are keeping you from prayerfully keeping the season of Lent. Second, spend time in prayer and offer these obstacles to the Lord and ask for His assistance. Third, fast from food for a day to mark the beginning of your renewal and to orient yourself in the right direction. Fourth, it is sometimes recommended to have maybe a page with the days of Lent printed out, so that you can tick off at the end…

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