Happy Good Friday!

You’re suffering is not in vain.

Jesus’ sacrifice on Calvary is evidence of this.

You are valuable. Loved. Everything works towards a greater good and purpose.

I have witnessed so many times in my short life that the suffering I endured was God’s medicine to remove me from my sins.

If I need to suffer to attract others to the Cross I will do it. Always.

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Good Friday is only part of the story of the Paschal Mystery but it’s a necessary part.

I ask God for strength to endure any pain, doubts, and despair that comes my way today.

Nothing I face will shake my faith.

How is your Good Friday?

Good Friday
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One thought on “Happy Good Friday!

  1. I have been writing down answered prayers and have had three awesome little miracles! I have also been seeing some spiritual battle right along side of that and need for tremendous prayer! Keeping close to Jesus and trusting and thanking him all along the way of sorrows. So glad I can accompany Our Lady.

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