💡Copywriting tip #13— Simple copy beats complicated copy

Publishing is easier than ever.

But imposter syndrome kicks in when you get momentum.

Really content creation boils down to sharing a story that contains something valuable for someone else (an audience).

The next time self-doubt strikes you dodge the attack with this defensive pivot:

đź”· Substitute the word ‘share’ in place of ‘publish’

Socks Religious

🔶 Change out ‘content’ for ‘story’

đź”· Replace ‘valuable’ with ‘helpful tip(s) for someone’

Essentially, content creation and publishing valuable content for your target audience is really much simpler 👇

đź’ˇ Share your story about how you can help others.

Include tips, best practices, something you wished you knew from the start.

Don’t overcomplicate (oops even I did that with such an obnoxiously obtuse word) or add difficulty to your copy.

Simplify it.

Content creation is about sharing your helpful story to others who will relate to it and find it helpful.

âť“How do you make your copy simpler?

Thank you for sharing!
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