Catholic Meme Monday— Issue 36

Hope you had a blessed Palm Sunday! 🙏😊

Let’s celebrate Holy Week with a King-sized 👑 Catholic Meme Monday.

Soon the holy images will be unveiled.
Palm Sunday humor!
Stay awake. Be ready! 😊😆🙂
More Palm Sunday funnies. 😆
An early Easter morning meme. 🙏🙂
The Word (Logos) always existed.
Let’s set the record straight! #realchurchhistory
Even more Palm 🌴 Sunday humor. 😊🙂
Pray for all the liturgical musicians in your parish this week. 🙏🙏🙏
This is accurate. 💪 😆 ✌️ 🤝
#malchusear 🙂😆👂
Darn! 🙂😊

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