Catholic Meme Monday— Issue 61

Hope you had a blessed weekend! Happy Fourth Week of Advent!!

Time for another Catholic Meme Monday.

Mariah got a bit salty. 🧂🧂😆😆
Jesus is the foundation for life. ♥️♥️♥️
Prepare ye the way!
Never thought of those lyrics in this way before. 😆 🤔 😆
Just a reminder that Die Hard IS a Christmas movie. 🙂🙂🙂
One of my kids placed a Little People baby Jesus behind the fishtank. 🐟🐠🙂🙏
One of my favorite Advent memes!! 🕯️🔥🙂😆
Baby Jesus planking. 🙂😆
Now you will imagine this meme at the Gloria for every Mass!!! 🎵🎶🙂😆
Another first and fourth Advent candles meme. 🙂😆🔥
I had to include at least one belated Saint Nick’s Day meme. 😆🙂

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