Catholic Meme Monday— Issue 63

Hope you had a blessed weekend! Happy Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord!!

Time for another Catholic Meme Monday.

A belated Epiphany meme. 🙂
Classic meme I have to reshare from time to time. 🦁 🙂😆
I thought of this analogy when I was explaining purgatory to a non-Catholic coworker today.
The Christmas tree is staying up until Candlemas!!
*hands priest chalk to bless and dozens of Rosaries and holy cards*
One of my favorite Catholic/hobbit combo memes. 🙂😆
Numbers is better than Leviticus at least for me. 😆😆
RIP Papa B16. 🇻🇦
Best might be pushing it (Aquinas, Augustine, and Athanasius are awesome). But Benedict XVI definitely is in my top 10.
My kids refer to these types of churches as “castles for the King (Jesus). 🙂♥️🏰⛪

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