Catholic Meme Monday— Issue 100

Hope you had a blessed week!

Time for another Catholic Meme Monday— the 100th episode!!! ✝️🙏

An epic comforter!
There is power in the name of Jesus. 🙏
Happy Belated Feast of Saint Denis!
Holy Halloween! 🎃🙏
Life is sacred: from womb to tomb. 🙏🙏🙏
Even penguins can preach the Gospel. 🐧🙏
Jael was a boss.
One of my favorite memes I created. 🙂😆🤫
Jesus is without sin(e).
Sorry it was too punny for me not to make a joke about. 🙂 😆 📐 π
A niche meme for fans of Nehemiah. 🧱 🙂🙏
Amen! ☀️ ♥️ ✝️ 🙏

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