Catholic Meme Monday— Issue 54

Hope you had a blessed weekend!

Time for another Catholic Meme Monday.

The cloud of witnesses cheering us on. 🙂😀🙏
Meme credit: They Geekdom Come
Meme I made a few years ago still rings true!
Scary indeed! Good thing one of the precepts of the Church is to receive confession at least once a year. 🙏🙏🙏
Ratzinger gonna throw down theological facts.
The Holy Spirit does this often for me. 🕊️🔥🙏
#facts #nicenecreed
This quote reminds me of the Saint Teresa of Avila prayer. Trust in God!
Like the Ratzinger meme but honestly I’m more afraid of Mother Angelica. 😆😀🙂🙏
Fear not for I am a sandwich of the Lord!

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